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Manuka Farm is located at the very head of the rich black soils of the Liverpool Plains near Quirindi in NSW.

The heavy black soils of the area are renowned for their quality and as a source of all the nutrients needed to produce crops and pastures of high density.

The bulk of Manuka’s raw materials are sourced from the area and made to our strict standards and guidelines.

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Horse running

For horses

To take care of all your horses dietary and stabling needs. Manuka Farm produces both Chaff and Haylage products to cater to all your horses needs.


For gardens

To take care of all your gardening needs. Our garden mulch introduces nitrogen into the soil along with other nutrients to boost plant growth.


Lucerne CHAFF

This product is the mainstay of feeding stabled horses around the world.


Produced from the wheat stubble or the hay portion of a wheat crop.


Like wheaten chaff, oaten chaff is very high in fibre making it an excellent source of roughage for your horse's diet.

Manuka Haylage

Manuka Haylage® is premium lucerne forage conserved as a small brick silage for horses.

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In 2000 Manuka Farm adopted the Biological Farming codes of practice and ever since, we have been cultivating our pastures and crops in accordance with these policies.

Biological farming is an alternative to conventional farming practices that produces high quality, nutritious produce with reduced dependence on inorganic fertilisers, pesticides or gene modification. It is based on scientific principles and common sense.

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Manuka Chaff transport truck with staff member

Interested in purchasing Manuka Chaff, Haylage or Go-Worm? Or just wanting more information about our products? Get in touch with us today.

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David & the team at Manuka not only produce top of the line products but are also extremely informative & professional! Two thumbs up Manuka! Love your work.


The quality is second to none. If I had to have a favourite it would be Haylage our horses absolutely love it, we highly recommend all Manuka's products, thank you for producing such high quality Chaffs, Haylage.


Manuka Chaff has been a huge supporter of Cloverleaf Cruisers Barrel Racing Club and we have won many bags of Manuka products. My horses love the haylage!


My horses have lived on Haylage for 3 years and love it! It keeps them in top condition and David and the whole team at Manuka are a pleasure to do business with, and will go out of their way to help you.


Greatest horse feed available! Keeps our horses looking and performing A1. Haylage is such a healthy product for the horses not to mention so convenient for traveling. Love the fact chaff has all hidden metals removed using the magnet technology at Manuka. Also so grateful for Manuka's long term support of the Cloverleaf Cruisers.